Avirex is a brand with a precise and strong identity, with a story worth telling. Every creation is not a simple garment but a style statement, wearing an Avirex jacket means that you are wearing part of the history. Avirex’ story starts in a small factory in Long Island – New York – who used to produce a small amount of leather jackets for US Navy, US Air Force and US Army. There’s not a precise date which marks the start of the production but from some documents we can say that it began between the two World wars. Avirex brand for consumers started in 1975. The name ‘Avirex’ comes from two latin words: avis – volatile, aviation and rex – king, this term was chosen to indicate the high quality level of materials and the craftsmanship of the production.

The first challenge that the small factory had to face was to make leather jackets with a worn look to satisfy fashion requests and new styles coming from movies and advertising of that era. The treatment of leather aging developed by Avirex was unprecedented and enabled the brand to become the first company in the world to produce vintage leather jackets.

Subsequently the production of jackets, Avirex released a new product line: the famous Chinos. Avirex became famous around the world and in 1963 Steve McQueen wore a pair of Avirex Chinos and a leather jacket in the movie 'The Great Escape'.  


In 1984 Avirex made the jackets and chinos worn by Sam Shepard in the role of Chuck Yeager, an American aviation hero in the film 'The Right Stuff'. In 1986 Avirex created the leather jacket that Tom Cruise used while performing in the movie 'Top Gun', a cult movie about the US Navy. In recent years the Avirex creations have been used by many actors and musicians such as Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Sean Penn, Sylvester Stallone, Anthony Quinn, Eminem, The Back Street Boys and Ben Affleck.

Today Avirex has 17 shops in Italy and Spain.


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