Triumph & Avirex
The Great Escape 

1963, The Great Escape. This is the concept upon which the collaborations between the two brand is based, two brands which continue to make history and keep the timeless style of Steve McQueen. He's him, riding a Triumph Trophy TR6 wearing an Avirex A2, which inspire a unique collection. 

From those two icons: the Boneville T100 and G1 leather Jacket, Triumph and Avirex made a Limited Edition: 10 motorcycles and 10 custom jackets with US Air Force patches from the Second World War. 

Thanks to his unique parallel twin, the Bonnie is one of the most exciting motorcycles of all time. Triumph wanted to enrich this Limited Edition with original features which enhance its unconventional character. Exclusive paint camo, high tapered drains, retro-style knobs and a saddle made ​​with the same fine leather of Avirex jackets .

The 10 original US Air Force patches from the '40, sewn on jackets made famous by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, are the ideas behing the collection born from the collaboration of these two brands. Tigers, pin-up, eagles and horses become the decorative theme that unites motorcycles and jackets. Ten hand made custom G1 fit perfectly to the 10 custom Bonneville in military style.

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