The history of Avirex begins some time ago, probably between the two Wold Wars, in Long Island, NY, where a small factory used to produce limited quantities of leather jackets for the U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Later in the 60s, because of the rise of the expenses in manufacturing, the Navy cancelled the production of the  G-1 jacket. By that time, the Army had already discontinued the A2 and B3 jackets, and with the Army looking elsewhere for leather jackets, the small Long Island factory was in danger of closing its doors. Luckily, in the mid of the 70s, a wise lawyer from Arizona had the brillant idea of marketing the leather Air Force jackets to the general public and registered the trademark Avirex.

The word “Avirex” comes from the combination of the Latin avis, which means birds, and rex, which means king, thus suggesting both the reference to the aviation and the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship.

The new company’s first challenge was to satisfy the call for leather goods with the vintage look that was popular and required at that time.

Unlike stone washed or distressed jeans, aging treatment for leather was at the forefront of developments in those days and Avirex became the first company to produce high quality antique leather jackets.

Later on, in addition to the jackets, the company started producing superior chino trousers and eventually the Avirex Civilian & Military Tailors, a whole man collection that displays the history of the brand.

Avirex became famous around the world and in 1963 Steve McQueen wore a pair of Avirex Chinos and a leather jacket in the movie 'The Great Escape'.

In 1984 Avirex made the jackets and chinos worn by Sam Shepard in the role of Chuck Yeager, an American aviation hero in the film 'The Right Stuff'. In 1986 Avirex created the leather jacket that Tom Cruise used while performing in the movie 'Top Gun', a cult movie about the US Navy. In recent years the Avirex creations have been used by many actors and musicians such as Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Sean Penn, Sylvester Stallone, Anthony Quinn, Eminem, The Back Street Boys and Ben Affleck.

The collection is entirely designed in the Avirex Headquartes in Milan and is true to the brand values: the American roots, the military background, a style that is casual yet elegant, high quality and comfort.

The Avirex European Headquarter is in Milan in one of the most important fashion districts of the city.

Today Avirex has 14 shops in Italy and Spain.